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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, listen to those who have used and continue to use our services:

P.H (Sole Trader)


“Team Management business advisor’s have helped turn my life around”

R.L (Sales Manager)


“Chris, your guidance has been priceless. Thank-you”

S.C (Sales Manager)


“I can honestly say that I had never realised quite how valuable external help could be and that after the year that we have just come through, I am quite sure that we would not have succeeded in the way that we have without [Chris's] involvement."


J.G (Director)


“I was recommended Team Management who came in to my business with great confidence and listened.  The confidence that they had when dealing with negotiations on my behalf, removing the stress that I was feeling was brilliant. Their enthusiasm to then help take the business forward really helped both mine and the teams morale." 

T.F (Director)

“The best thing that has happened to my company in the last thirty three years? Team Management”

Dr A.W (Director)

“Most useful service ever provided [to my business]”

L.H (Director)


"I fully recommend Chris as an experienced business advisor who is passionate about businesses and its success. He became entwined into the business really quickly, however once the improvements were made, engineered his own clean exit.


Unlike many consultants Chris ‘s motivation was helping the business not himself. We still keep in contact as he is still passionate about our success.

His experience is appropriate for all SME, no matter how small or large. What is key you need to share the same passion for business and improvements - Chris does, which is contagious."

E.N (Director)


“What a difference your [Chris's] help has made - we are now more focused, energised and really enjoy the considerable progress that is being made; we now start every day with a fresh approach and the basic questions: what I am doing? How am I doing it? And, how can I do it better? Challenging the way we think really has made us think and there is no looking back!"

K.H (Director)


“His [Chris] extensive knowledge of business, human behaviour and skills, matched with excellent accounting, Law, H.R. and recruitment skills make him a powerful advisor and confidant to have on your side.


A talented individual who is able to turn a negative into a powerful positive and obtain the best for his client."

P.T (Director)


“This is the one business contact little gem that you will always recommend and always be grateful you had the wisdom to bring on board.


It's never too late but if like me you will always wonder how much better it could have been had they been on board from the start."

G.L (Director)


“Chris has a no-nonsense approach to business dealings which I find refreshing. I have always found Chris's Management style extremely positive and productive. He has a wealth of experience that he seems to be able to offer within he's management strategies. I cannot speak more highly of him."

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