Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, listen to those who have used and continue to use our services:

GA, Director

"Having worked successfully running other peoples businesses for almost forty years, I decided to run my own business and grew it from nothing to £2M per annum. The years 2013 to 2014 were record breaking for T/o and profitability but had a terrible effect on cash flow I desperately needed help and a friend recommended that I contact Chris Bradford at Team Management, who I contacted immediately.

He was a very calming influence at a time of great distress and having Chris on-board provided great relief and allowed me to think about the future and how to proceed. I have lived through a nightmare and I could not have got through it without his help."

RL, Sales Manager

"Chris, your guidance has been priceless - thank you."

PK, Director

"Your confidence in our ability to win the case was greatly appreciated, as was your clear and precise advice. By employing your guidance and tactics we were successful in defending the case against us. What I found most encouraging during this stressful period was your calm manor and inner confidence that we would succeed. Thanks for your great assistance during 2013; we look forward to working together in 2014."

CA, Director RGL

"You listen, offer advice when needed, or simply nod and agree in the right places. Business is a steep learning curve and can be very lonely. 
You’ve supported us through the very lowest of times, beyond what should be expected of you. You’ve dealt with new problems that we have encountered, showing us how to deal with them in the future; you have helped us to where we are now..."

SM, Director

"Team Management have given us the confidence to take on new challenges, they have provided support and direction throughout some extremely difficult periods, their knowledge of all things business is exceptional and if we need help or advice they are our first point of contact. We wouldn't’t be where we are today without their expertise."

OM, Management Accountant

"Chris, thanks for all your help and support since you have been engaged at the company, I’ve learned a lot from you and wish I could have worked with you longer as you have so much knowledge and experience, hopefully my next manager will be able to teach me as much!"

MH, Director

"Having been introduced to Chris Bradford’s Team Management back in 2008, I found myself asking the question, “Why do I need them and what could they do for me?” We weren’t suffering any financial problems at the time, and being a 50+ year old family run business, we felt we probably had a good idea of what we were doing, but in fact we were more in need of their help than we realised.


Team Management were very quick to gain an understanding of all aspects of our business and set about not only supporting us to make necessary improvements, but worked in a way that gave us the coaching and the confidence to grow ourselves. Chris loves his quotes - one that sticks with me is “the greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”.


Team Management certainly helped me to identify with this, and with their wide experience and passion for business success, they helped me, and the business to grow, and ultimately enabled me to successfully sell my business. I am thankful of their introduction."

NJ, Director

"Chris, we received confirmation this morning of agreement – we must both have been at the same charm school! Well done."

ST, Director

"Team Management were introduced to me at a time when it just seemed everything was stacked against my company and me. I was invited to have an informal chat with Chris who some how seemed to understand my position and was able to make sense of my difficulties providing an immediate sense of calm from which a plan of action for moving forward could begin."

EN, Team

 "During our first few meetings we were unsure as to how Team Management would help us, after all ‘if its not broke why fix it? But what a difference your help has made - we are now more focused, energised and are really enjoy the considerable progress that is being made; we now start every day with a fresh approach and the basic question of what I am doing? How am I doing it? And, how can I do it better? Challenging the way we think really has made us think and now there is no looking back!"

PH, Sole Trader

"Team Management business advisor's have helped turn my life around"

Dr AW, Director

"Most useful service provided"

JG, Director

"I was struggling with whom to talk to. I was recommended ESW business advisors who came in to my business with great confidence and listened.  The confidence that they had when deal with negotiations on my behalf, removing the stress that I was feeling was brilliant. Their enthusiasm to then help take the business forward really helped both my and the teams morale."    

SC, Director

"We have had a very tough year, having Chris at the end of the telephone to vent frustration and to seek ways of overcoming those frustrations is a major asset to our business.  I can honestly say that I had never realised quite how valuable external help could be and that after the year that we have just come through, I am quite sure that we would not have succeeded in the way that we have without your involvement."

PT, Director

"Ground level staff morale, boardroom tension, business 2 business stalemates, Team Management give confidence through an abundant knowledge communicated clearly and concisely. This is the one business contact little gem that you will always recommend and always be grateful you had the wisdom to bring on board. It's never too late but if like me you will always wonder how much better it could have been had they been on board from the start."

TF, Director

"The best thing that has happened to our company in the last thirty-three years?  Team Management…

AF, Director

"I shall finish by saying thanks – the figures from last year were wonderful, and something to be proud of. As you always say – you don’t realise how far you have come until you look back – and I am eternally grateful for your support and guidance which is helping us to make the required changes and achieve great things."

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