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What We Do

At Team Management, our role is to provide client businesses with management expertise at a level appropriate for their specific organisation, at an affordable cost. We provide consultancy as a service.


We provide a whole range of services, all of which are bespoke to individual client specific needs – we do not attempt to provide a ‘one fix’ solution to all problems;


Our role is to understand our client needs and using our experience, provide ways forward in the most appropriate, efficient and effective way. 

Our business is to help clients in the effective

management of their organisations

As part of your management team

For many of our clients we work on an agreed retained basis.


This provides a very affordable on-going value added service to the business, covering all aspects of tactical and strategic management as well as observation and input in respect to operational performance.

Feedback from clients continually reinforces the value to senior management of having somebody they can openly and comfortably discuss business matters with. We are extremely proud that many of clients talk of us as being their ‘trusted advisor and business friend’.

Management support and special assignments

This is provided on an as needed basis focusing on specific problems for which the client organisation has requested assistance.

Occasionally an event or issue will arise which is beyond the every day experiences of the business management team.


Whilst management may have an opinion on the matter, very often it is appropriate and prudent to involve an external expert to provide assistance, and this can be particularly relevant in times of commercial dispute where objectivity rather than personal subjectivity is required (i.e. facts rather than opinion).


Team Management have a vast experience and wealth of knowledge in dealing with these more challenging events. Reassuringly we do not sit on the fence; we are on your side.

Get in touch for your free* no-obligation consultation now:

*Free face-to-face consultation for businesses based in and around the surrounding Essex (UK) area and virtual consultations.

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