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The E Myth – Reality

It is a long time since I last read Michael Gerber’s The E Myth and The E Myth revisited. Both excellent books discussing the adventures of the entrepreneur and, the reality that disappointingly, not everyone ends up quite as successful as Sir Richard Branson.    

The original book, The E Myth was first published in 1986 – before any of us had mobiles phones, flat screen televisions, or even desktop computers, a time when to be an entrepreneur was a choice made in order to realise personal ambitions in a world of growing opportunity.

Today, the world of work has not just changed, it has been transformed; in less than 30 years the world of work has become a truly global market place in which even the simplest of business can become a global competitor (it doesn’t get much easier than a coffee shop...) in which everyone of us can become entrepreneurs, even global entrepreneurs, very often without too much thought or concern, think EBay! 

However, the reality of entrepreneurialism is far from simple, business failure rates are high and for those who do succeed, it is often a result of hard-work, long hours and much stress, commendable for sure, but my contention is that most often, success does not need to be such hard work.   

From my many years of experience having been involved in many businesses, my argument is that most often lack of knowledge and limited breadth of experience is the primary cause of under performance and the need for excessive hard work, in order to remain competitive.  

In today’s increasingly competitive world, it is far more effective to work smart than it is to work hard - it is more fun and it is also more sustainable.  

At Team Management we specialise in business management and leadership, we work with you to help you become more effective, to work smarter, not harder.

We help our clients to understand their businesses better so that they can become better managers, better leaders and most of all, more successful business people.  

At Team Management we talk business but we also love to listen. Please contact us we would really pleased to hear from you:

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